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Nursing informatics refers to the combination of technology, nursing as well as the assimilation of data. It deals with making use of technology in order to organize and provide health care in the best and most efficient manner. Nursing informatics contains a large number of tools which range from being very simple computers to being extremely complex medical record systems which are more commonly known as EMR. These are all carefully designed in order to not only organize information but to deliver it as well. It is only recently that nursing informatics has amalgamated into the delivery and management of the healthcare system. Many of us have made use of nursing information without actually having realized it.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Nursing Informatics

The application of evidence is by far considered to be one of the best, far-reaching and most strong current trends in the healthcare system. This is a practice based on the development of information and research of informatics and technology (Kaminski). Nursing informatics is not something which is only limited to nurses; various healthcare professionals make use of the information made available by nursing informatics (Himss).
Many health insurance companies have realized that it is more profitable for them to contact and persuade those people to buy insurance who are sick or may be…

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