Sample Essay: Cold War

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During World War Two, Roosevelt and Churchill made a policy that would ensure a nuclear arms race at the end of the war. Still, Stalin found out about the Manhattan Project and by 1943 had previously begun development of a Soviet bomb. After the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagaski and the subsequent surrender of Japan, the United States urbanized a disarmament plan based on turning over all fissionable materials, plants, and bombs to an international regulatory agency. The Soviets react quickly with their own plan which stipulated nothing less than a total ban on the production of all fissionable material. They further added that all existing bombs would be ruined. An aspiration to preserve its monopoly on nuclear weapons, the United States persistent to stress regulation and inspection by an independent agency. But the Soviets, in the hopes of neutralizing any United States advantage, insisted on instant disarmament. Eventually, an agreement was reached and the two sides agreed to oppose.

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