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Nonverbal messages are an essential component of communication.  Some major areas of nonverbal behaviors are eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture and body orientation, proximity, paralinguistics, and humor.  However, one of the most important skills to have is good listening, which will help in personal and interpersonal relationships:

Expressing our wants, feelings, thoughts, and opinions clearly and effectively are only half of the communication process needed for interpersonal effectiveness. The other half is listening and understanding what others communicate to us.  (Nadig, Par. 1)Effective listening is active listening.  Inactive listening, meaning, and evaluation of a message must take place before a listener can respond to a speaker.   Therefore, the listener is actively working while the speaker is talking.  There are three basic listening modes. Competitive or Combative listening occurs when one is more preoccupied in their “own point of view than in understanding or exploring someone else’s view” therefore listening for flaws or weaknesses in the speaker’s points or listening for a chance to gain the floor and make one’s views heard:

As we pretend to pay attention we are impatiently waiting for an opening, or internally formulating our rebuttal and planning our devastating comeback that will destroy their argument and make us the victor.  (Nadig, Par.4)

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