You being a student must have to often deal with many subjects at school and are required to balance out the work load for each subject you are studying. When you are given a term/research paper to write on a certain topic for class, you often think that you will not have the time to complete it. Due to this tension you often look for ways to make your task easier. Many of you tend to resort to submitting plagiarized papers to your professors which often get you in a lot of trouble. There is however a way in which you can write non plagiarized term papers.

Give credit to the original author

Whenever you use information which has been written by someone else, always quote the name of the original author whose work you have taken into reference. This is extremely important as it then shows that you have not copied directly from someone else’s work. Since you want to write the term paper hurriedly, you could even comment on the person’s opinions and writing style.

Use a plagiarism detector

Plagiarizing and using other people’s work is not only wrong as far as academics are concerned, it is also considered illegal! Keep this is mind next time you decide to copy off of someone else’s work! If you feel that the term paper you have written might be plagiarized to some extent, make use of a plagiarism detector. There are many software’s available on the internet and you can use them to check for plagiarism in your paper.

Make use of the library

A library is a great place where you can go to search for information on any research paper which you have to write. Despite being an old way to look for information, it is certainly a plagiarism-free way to go about in order to write your paper. It might require extra effort but it is better than handing in plagiarized work!

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