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The Newcastle China Town Masterplan is a plan to expand and enhance the existing China town in Newcastle and the new plan and its expansion have tremendous implications both as a new tourist venue and a new source of additional business and income but also as a tool for enhancing e-education, having sociological and cultural influences and the importance of the role played by ethnic minorities coming from rich and diverse cultural backgrounds. For this, there is a need to see the historical perspective and the need for a greater involvement of the Chinese community.

Historical Background

Chinese people first settled in Britain around 1885. They were largely seamen working on steamships. By 1900, there were about 400 Chinese living in Britain. Much Chinese who live in Britain today came in the 1960s from rural Hong Kong and set up ‘Takeaway’ food shops and other interrelated business, while Chinese from Malaysia and Singapore came for education and university degrees. The advent of the Chinese in Newcastle can be traced back about five decades a much later development than London, Liverpool or Manchester. It is possible that some earlier Chinese settlement had taken place after all Newcastle was a vital port but no records have been discovered to illustrate this. Others came from China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The 1991 Census put the number of Chinese in Britain at 156,938. In the mid-1990s, there was another arrival of Hong Kong Chinese immigrants who were granted British passports because of the ‘hand-over’ of Hong Kong to mainland China (July 1997). These new immigrants are comparatively better educated and have better-qualified ability.

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