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The genome possessed by any individual is fundamentally unique in the entire world due to recombination, and any specific lineage may be viewed as a sequence of reactions that could never be reproduced verbatim. Similarly the adaptation to a new or altered environment requires several generation. It may thus, serve us greatly to have a system that allows an individual to acquire genetic material from others rather than hoping they would be received from their parents.

Opposing to the opinions typical of creation scientists, the genome is not static, nor are organisms limited to the genes they were formed with in the beginning. Bacteria are widely known to incorporate foreign DNA. Unfavorable conditions are known to induce genetic recombination, and environmental stresses such as nutrient deficiency will cause bacteria such as Bacillus subtilis to take up exogenous DNA. If there is homology between the foreign and their own chromosomal DNA, the bacteria will incorporate almost all of it into their genome through homologous recombination where it can turn into a permanent part for all future generations. (1)

New genes or alleles are also being assembled during meiotic crossing-overs, and passed to the next generation. God may also have provided each organism with the aptitude to take advantage of the genetic material possessed by others. The potential benefits are numerous, but the most obvious may be the rapid acquisition of genes or polynucleotide compounds.

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