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Whether narcissism and its effects are the consequences of genetics or of broken relations and flawed rearing or of modern societies and troublesome socialization method is still an uncertain dispute. The lack of scientific study, the ambiguity of the diagnostic norms and the disparity in findings make it improbable that this will be settled soon one way or the other.

It is the psychoanalytic principle that all are Narcissists at early in our lives. As babies and children, all individuals feel that they are the center of the Universe, the most central, all-powerful and most important individuals. At that particular stage of development, the parents are thought to be fairy-tale people, enduring and overpoweringly dominant, their existence is there just to gratify the child’s needs, to look after and nurture them. Both Self and others are regarded childishly, as some idyllic people.

Predictably, the unstoppable course and battles of life wear away these views and diminish the perfect model into the actual state. Adjustment is a process of disenchantment. If this method is unexpected, conflicting, erratic, unpredictable, arbitrary and severe – the damage suffered by the infant’s loving, growing, confidence, are brutal and, frequently, permanent. Furthermore, the loving support of the caretakers —mostly parents is critical. In its absence, the sense of self-esteem and confidence in maturity tends to vary, to vary between idealization and devaluation of both self and others. The developmental block takes place at the position when the child desires compassionate mirroring to develop to become oneself. When suitable and adequate mirroring is not accessible, the outcome is a denial of the existent self. The artificial self is nurtured and sustained as an effort at costs for what is missing. What has been abandoned in oneself also becomes rejected in others, leading to their devaluation?

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