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The article by Turkle is very interesting and the MUD is a sort of virtual existence for people involved in it. As the college graduate in Chicago who is not happy in real life is very satisfied with his virtual life and job and friends. To me, this virtual existence is nothing more than an escape from reality and running away from the problems that we face in our daily existence. Ignoring or turning away from one’s problem by trying to hide in a life which is literally not there is more like turning one’s back to the real world.

She states that:

We do not have to reject life on the screen, but we don’t have to treat it as an alternative life either.

If people believe, their online encounters have reality for their own lives, very similar to reading a book or watching a movie and accept aspects of oneself, reflections or actions then they know that this is not real life. On the other hand, people start to live double lives one in the MUDs as a self-created persona what they are not in real life but actually, what they would like to be. Their idealistic image of themselves then they are running away from the certainty of their real life.

As the example of a rape, being committed by an intruder into the MUD was not received with as much shock and fear if a real person in real life would have committed it. This is a bit scary also because people who think that they can get away with a crime in the virtual world are in my view more likely to be free with these acts in the real world.

Another important factor as pointed out by Turkle that people have been more receptive and complacent when adopting the Internet and the virtual world. However, as she has mentioned you cannot compare your experience of watching a crocodile on a television or a fake Disney crocodile with the real one in a zoo or better one in the wild. Although the entertainment factor decreases but one gets to see the real thing.

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