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Consciousness has been defined as the consciousness of awareness. It has materialized as a field of psychology only in current times though some of its concerns have their roots in religion, mysticism, and occultism. The emergence of the study of consciousness in psychology imitates a change in the mentality of people. Consciousness is also resulting in a new approach in psychology, a new way of looking at behavior, based on systems theory and the holistic method. The studies of consciousness highlight certain areas like dreams, imagination, and super-normal experiences. In the 21st century, psychology may well be redefined as the study of consciousness and all psychology may be rewritten in that viewpoint. The study of consciousness may also serve to incorporate many areas of psychology and other sciences. Charles Tart describes altered state as:

Altered state of consciousness for a given individual is one in which he obviously feels a qualitative shift in his pattern of mental performance, that is, he feels not just a quantitative shift (more or less alert, more or less visual imagery, sharper of duller, etc.) but also that some quality or qualities of his mental processes are different. (Tart, 1969)


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