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“Principle Issues” of Moral Obligation

Fundamental moral obligations cannot be a command for a human reason. Rather, individuals choose their moral obligations to a large degree. Human reason is an immense help in letting people see what it is we choose and what follows from those choices. Humans build up some moral obligations to others based on inherent contracts. Parents bring children into the world and thereby they are obligated to look after the children. Humans develop other moral obligations on the basis of unequivocal contracts which connect them not only legally, but morally as well.

Philosophies” Related  to Moral Obligation

Kant is celebrated for the theory that moral obligations are overt necessities. It includes the idea that moral obligations are ethically unavoidable. Secondly, it includes the idea that moral obligations are logically inescapable and absolute. One is morally compelled to do something, and then one has an overriding reason to do it. According to him what is ethically correct like giving life support to brain dead people should be given.

Hume’s position in ethics, which is based on his empiricist theory of the mind, which means reason alone cannot be a motivation to the will, but rather is the “slave of the passions” Morals do not result from reason. Hume also directly argues that key moral obligations are matters of social traditions. Hume evidently maintains that human activity and moral obligation are best considered as work of human passions rather than as determined through reason. Moral obligations vary according to the society one lives in, for instance, moral obligations will be different in the United States and China as the social values are different.

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