Book Review

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James checks into his treatment center with symptoms which are indicative of a person experiencing withdrawal from both drugs and alcohol. Due to the fact that James is at a serious Addiction / Dependence level along with being a poly-drug abuser, He experiences multiple withdrawal symptoms.

In his book, James refers to different symptoms related to different abuses

  • Hallucination—- due to PCP, Mushrooms, Acid (Fischer and Harrison, 2005) Could be responsible for this type of withdrawal even though hallucinogens do not have a physical dependence they have a strong psychological dependence (Fischer and Harrison, 2005).
  • Alcohol withdrawal– can cause shaking, heart racing, insomnia, increase in body temperature (Fischer and Harrison, 2005). Another withdrawal symptom that James experiences are irritability restlessness which could be the result of the alcohol or Opioid withdrawal (Fischer and Harrison, 2005).
  • James has nausea, vomiting and diarrhea this could be due to withdrawal from opioids.
  • In addition, James admits to some suicidal ideas (Frey, 2003). This could be a consequence of his cocaine withdrawal. (Fischer and Harrison, 2005)
  • The other substance that’s James admits to abusing is glue (Frey, 2003). According to substance abuse 2005 while this can damage brain, lungs, liver, and kidneys this particular substance does not tend to have withdrawal symptoms.
  • He also has to shiver due to cannabis.

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