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In the poem entitled “Barbie Doll,” by Marge Piercy’s the title highlight the extended metaphor of the poem, which is that girls are categorically and seriously deceived by society’s narrow characterization of feminine behavior and beauty. By comparing a young lady in the poem to a Barbie doll, the author shows the irony of the title. In the poem, a narrator is a person aware of the developments taking place in a young girl’s life. However, the speaker is detached and unconnected about her feelings regarding what is happening. The poem is told in an unemotional and blunt manner, like a Barbie tale or a movie. It is clear that the author uses Barbie in the poem as a metaphor for society’s views of what the perfect female should aim to be.  By using metaphors, symbols, and a fantasy-like tone, the author generates a world starring an in which a  young girl takes her own life instead of Barbie, the fascinating sex symbol the girl is compared to throughout the poem.

In the beginning the metaphor of Barbie begins when the girl who is a “GirlChild” representative of the female child understands and recognizes her world that Barbie has starred in, which feature material belongings such as sports cars and infinite shopping bags full of trinkets, the poem too is packed with nice things for a stereotypical young girl to play with such as dolls, little stoves, play irons, and makeup.

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