As we turn over the pages of history, we come across the development made by man in different walks of life over the centuries. From the primitive Stone Age to the Modern computerized era, every step of man has proved to be the milestone in the history of civilization. Modern science has evolved over a period, and has now reached the peak of success. It works wonders in our life, it can be said that it is altogether a blessing.

As we look over the brighter side of the achievements of science, we come to realize that there is hardly any sphere of life that has not been enhanced by the creativity abilities of man. In the field of medical science, knowledge, and research has gone to such an extent that almost all the ailments have found a cure. The threatening clouds of death no longer haunt the patients who were otherwise filled with despair. Epidemics have been wiped out, nutritional standards have been improved, drug therapy has been recognized and hygienic conditions are being created so that the new generation may enjoy a longer and better life.

In the realm of communication, modern scientific inventions have helped a lot. The far-flung corner of the world have been linked together with the widespread air network. Distances have lost their meaning and thousands of miles can be covered within hours. Traveling today is not only swift, but also full of pleasure and luxury.

Modern science has opened new vista of entertainment. All the new electronic gadgets have filled our lives with recreational variety. From the small pocket-size smartphone to the huge inches smart TVs, we are provided with entertainment and we have it all to science. Readers are provided e-books, which are handier than traditional books. Such means of entertainment have brought about a change in our habits and hobbies.

The advantages of science are not restricted to the urban population only. In the fields of agriculture, forestry and fishery, science has provided the rural population with the latest implements and know-how. The new methods of agriculture have boosted the population of farms and fields. With the use of different kind pesticides, the crops remain undamaged and the thrills of the soil get better return of the labor. This increase in output not only improves the condition of the toiling masses, but also brings about a healthy change in the economy of the country. This keeps on moving the nations on the path of progress and prosperity.

We owe too much to the science. Science has made it possible for us to live a better life. The scientific technologies have changed the way we used to life, and it would not be unjust to say that science is a blessing.