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The Marshall Plan is perhaps the most documented topic in recent international history, and yet it vestiges an intriguing and elusive subject. It stands at the intersection of assorted historical events: the Cold War, the international economy, European politics, and American culture. It grips a variety of national histories, languages, and archives and includes public and private actors with diverse backgrounds, intentions, and possibilities. It can be and has been, approached from many disciplinary perspectives and with different cognitive intend. On top of all this, it has grown into a fabled policy model used to approach (or evade) the world’s most disturbed spots. In the last few years, Marshall Plans have been recommended for Russia, Palestine, and Africa.

Three dimensions of the Marshall Plan amplify in significance with the passage of time. The first is the role of the plan in crop a postwar global economy that would shun the problems that plagued the West between the two world wars, including those that led to the Great Depression. The best economists in the United States and Europe felt that severe joblessness was the major danger in the wake of the war. Moreover, many dreaded that countries might again embrace protectionism as the world spiraled into the grasp of economic nationalism. To build a trade and monetary system that would bring their hopes to life, American planners tied their aid to the liquidation of the wartime liability that Western European countries had acquired with their colonies and other developing nations.


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