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There is no society which exists in which drugs were not used. Despite being well aware of the negative effects of drug addiction, people all over the world make use of illegal and illegal drugs. Drugs not only affect people’s mind but it affects their behavior as well which is why drugs are considered to be the most threatening of the factors leading to social risk. The usage of drugs also leads to an increase in mortality rates, criminal and aggressive behavior and at times, it may lead to dissolution of relationships. This essay is based on the comparison between the outcome characteristics of the two most commonly used drugs which come under the category of legal and illegal drugs. Alcohol is the drug which can be categorized under legal drugs whereas marijuana falls into the second category. Neither of the two is better than the other and both drugs have negative impacts on society by altering the behavior of the individuals who consumes the drugs.

The social problem of drug abuse is more commonly known as substance abuse (Timmons and Hamilton). This can be further divided into two categories of groups. The first category includes problems which result from becoming addicted to any kind of drug which can…

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