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Margaret Atwood was born in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1939. Atwood’ work is representative of a feministic socially and politically conscious writer who uses wit and humor to put her point across.

The most important theme running through most Atwood Novels is the subjugation and struggle of women. Goldblatt discusses the different protagonists of Atwood’s novels as she tells tales which represent the social and political context of the Canadian society. In this exercise, Atwood tries her best to bring out the distinction of the Canadian culture which is most of the time subdued by the overpowering American influence. In her novels, Margaret Atwood fashions situations in which women, fraught by the system and inequalities of their societies, find out that they must rebuild themselves in order to survive. In this, they are struggling like Canada to fight for their identity and in the long run survival. (275)

Her female characters are very ordinary people who live ordinary lives especially their early years are spent close to nature and the unspoiled environment which disappears as they grow up. However, their growth is stunted and unnatural as they are bogged down by other things in life. Goldblatt details when she observes that Atwood’s women are aware of the fostering absences in their environments. They attempt to nurture and survive. For this, they seek out the traditional form of stability: a marriage where they try to find solace in the support of men and as they trust that these men would indeed help them out and support them. But they are deceived and betrayed by men as well as other females. (279)

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