This research paper examines the making of the new aircraft Airbus A380.

2,000 Words (Approx.8 pages), 5 Sources, APA, 2007.


This research paper examines the making of Airbus A380. Airbus A380 is a new commercial aircraft designed to accommodate 800 passengers. It is considered as one of the biggest aeronautical achievements in the history of the airline industry. Not ever before a commercial aircraft was designed to provide comfort luxury and ample space to its passengers. The author of the research paper discusses the future benefits and prospects of this innovation in the airline industry.

From the Research Paper

“A380 is a symbol of economic strength, technological innovation, the dedication of the workforce that built it and above all of a confidence that we can compete and win in the global market (Blair, 2005).” Many well-renowned airlines in the world such as Emirates Airlines, Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines are opting for this newly made aircraft to provide their customers with all the luxuries to satisfy their needs. The aeronautical engineering has moved to new heights by introducing the first ever commercial aircraft, A380 that can accommodate more than 800 passengers. On April 17, 2005, Airbus A380 completed its first ever test flight in Toulouse, France……

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