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The words of Italian were coming from the parlor where my father was with his brothers and my brother, who was usually with them.  They sat and sipped on Anisette or drank their Chianti as my Father’s friends came and went.  I could still hear Jerry Vale singing in Italian.  I remember how I loved to listen to my father’s favorite artist singing in Italian on not only Christmas but also every Sunday morning we woke up to Italian music and the smell of my mother already cooking her special sauce.  Just like holidays, many would gather for Sunday’s Dinner, which was always pasta.  Even My brother and sisters who got married always were at the Dinner table with their families; just as they were for Christmas Eve.

My Mom had a long dinner table that she had made to order years before.  None of us children was ever excused from the holiday dinners nor would we ever ask to be. My father always insisted that the children ate with the grownups; we were always together with our parents.  I remember him helping my Mom set the main table; she would never let anyone do it for her.  She used only her finest silverware along with her good china and best crystal.  She would always find the prettiest holiday tablecloths with beautiful colors that would dance above in the crystals in our chandelier when she lit the candles on the table.

I remember my Father telling my Mom the same thing he would tell her on Sunday afternoons when she was setting the table, “Why don’t you relax, we have six daughters that should be doing this for you,” and her answer to him was always the same. “Their day is coming soon enough when they will be making these memories for their children and serving us dinner.”

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