Making APA Style Title Page

APA stands for American Psychological Association. In the modern academic world most of the term papers, essays and research papers are written following APA style format. Most of the behavioral science courses such as psychology and sociology use APA style format for writing term papers and essays. This article will help you write the title page of an academic assignment in the APA style format. Read some easy tips below to learn to write the title page in the APA format.

Using Margins

To write the title page in APA format you need to use 1 inch margins all over the title page sides except the left side where a half inch margin is used.

Using Space

The APA style title page uses double spacing. To utilize this tool you need to use the format menu. From the format menu, you will select the paragraph. This will give you double spacing option between the lines.

Main Contents

The main contents of the title page of an APA style format consist of the title of the paper in the center of the page. Your full name (first name, last name and middle initial), name of your class, name of the instructor and the date. Each appearing on a separate line. For instance:

World War 1

Kelly C. Wesson

History 144

Mr. John

June 20, 2008

Follow these easy steps and you have a title page completed of your term paper or an essay.

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