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Love exists between people all over the world. Everyone has the right to love and to be loved and to marry the ones whom they love. Some people, however, do not have the privilege of marrying the people they love. This is simply because they are homosexual. The Congress has combined the Church and the state in order to make marriage an illegal affair for homosexuals. But everyone does not believe in the same religion, they do not have the same beliefs and values on a different topic. By banning gays and lesbians from getting married, their freedom and right are taken away.

The constitution of America states that no law would be passed on the basis of religion. However, when the topic of gay marriage is considered, the church, as well as the state both, do not favor this form of marriage. In all 50 states of America, same-sex marriages have been deemed illegal and the Congress passed an act stating that no same-sex marriage would be recognized by the state. Homosexuals have also been deprived of the right to adopt and raise children (Smith, Haider). Despite this, there still exist a small number of homosexuals in the states of America. Harvey Milk was elected on to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977. He was the first homosexual man to have been elected to public office in the state of California. His career was however cut short as he was assassinated on the 27th of November, 1978 in City Hall (Smith, Haider). There were many people who were against Milk being gay and being open about it. These people struck back and…

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