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Child sexual abuse has come to be extensively observing as a root of mental health problems in adult life. The influences of child sexual abuse on social, interpersonal and sexual performance in adult life and its possible role in mediating some, if not all, of the harmful effects on mental health, has attracted less attention and study, but is debatably equally significant. For this reason, and because the mental health aspects have been so much more broadly canvassed and ably reviewed.


Three studies are the basis on which results and the outcomes will be discussed about the long-term effects of Child Abuse.

A. In a study of a random community sample of 2,250 New Zealand women with a survey and an interview phase, data was gathered on sexual histories including levels of sexual approval and experienced sexual problems (Mullen et al 1994). The average age at which consensual intercourse first occurred, and the frequency of consensual intercourse with peers before reaching the age of 16 years, did not differ between controls and those reporting child sexual abuse. When, however, only those reporting child sexual abuse connecting penetration were considered, they were considerably more likely to report consensual intercourse with peers before 16 years of age.

B. (Fleming et al. 1998) in a case-control study investigated the relationship between a reported history of child sexual abuse and the development of alcohol abuse in a sample of 710 Australian women, projected that a history of child sexual abuse was not, by itself, adequate to cause alcohol dependency in women. The relationship between child sexual abuse and alcohol abuse more likely reproduce a complex interplay between child sexual abuse and a range of other factors in a woman’s life.

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