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When black immigrant women come to my mind, I always think about the hardships they face and the lack of freedom which they have. If there existed another way of persuading them apart from the glamorous life of England which they heard of, would they be reluctant of following this norm? Would the women still be naïve as they are today?

Once a black woman has become part of a society different from the type she is used to, she needs to adapt herself to the ways of this new society; ways which are unusual to her. ‘I stare at my image with pain. Not in my own image but whatever is left of what used to be my image’ (Darko). A black immigrant woman does not feel complete as she does not get love from her husband, members of her family or the village in which she lives. When she enters into England, she is immediately made aware that she is lesser of importance.

‘My dear young lady, you must be aware that here in Lagos, you may earn many millions of pounds every day and you might be million publicity officers for many of the Americans, you may be living like an elite in America with many servants. But when you land in England, you are…

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