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1. Purpose

The Letter to the Editor is argumentative because the intent behind the letter is to convince not only the public but also the authorities in question to take the correct actions to rectify what occurred in San Diego. The author of this letter has taken a position of concern and displeasure. The writer believes that the very fact that the firefighters were forced to participate in a gay pride parade was wrong. Several different arguments are presented to prove his or her point. The writer is trying to persuade some kind of action for the act. And in my view the purpose of the paper is neither to inform nor to reconcile it is to take a position, the writer has very clearly stated his or her case and each point of the argument and all the issues connected to it are also very convincingly elaborated.2. Audience Analysis

In my view there are two sets of audiences who are being addressed in this letter, first is the people concerned- the fire department and the local government, they are the ones who should take the corrective actions like disciplining the fire chief and making clear to all the sections of the local government to clarify to their employees that they cannot participate in any political or special interest activity while on duty.

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