Sample Letter

Words 210

The Daily Mirror

202 Front Street

Anytown USA 55855

February 9, 2004

Colonel Firestein

Connelly Army Base

Anytown USA

Dear Sir,

On behalf of Daily Mirror, I would like to assure you that is a well-reputed paper in this area and is in favor of investigating and printing information without any justification. As I am new to this town I was not fully informed about the events in this particular vicinity, however, when I was told about the decreasing water levels and somehow their connection to the closing down of the Army Base.

Sir, as I believed this was something I should investigate, that is why I questioned you about it. However, when I discussed the matter with my editor and saw the records of water levels for the past several years I was satisfied that there was nothing unusual about it. In addition the in my discussion with the editor I was reminded about conflict of interest.

Moreover, I would repeat that we at the Daily Mirror are proud of printing news and information that can be verified and has reliable sources that are why we refrain from pursuing stories, which have no basis whatsoever.


Amy Smith

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