Lesson Plan for a Distance Learning Class

Sample Paper

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The following lesson is designed to be presented by video or via the Internet to a high school distance learning class.

Instructional Unit: Personal Health

Lesson: Regular Physical Exercise

Instructional Objectives: Upon completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

  1. Define aerobic exercise
  2. List five health benefits of aerobic exercise
  3. List three activities that would qualify for one session of a “moderate amount of exercise”

Content Outline

Lecture: 40 minutes (via tape or Internet)

1.We have all heard that exercise is good for us: However a lot of children along with a lot of adults do not have a good understanding of what exactly is good about exercise, and how much exercise (and what type of exercise) is the best for our bodies, concentrating on importance to the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.

2.The lack of regular exercise is a serious problem for the American population as a whole and especially for young people because children who do not establish healthy patterns of exercise tend not to exercise as they grow older. Children from lower-income households are less likely to get exercise than children from houses with higher economic status (in part because they may live in neighborhoods where is it not safe for them to play outside, in part because their parents or guardians may or may not have the time or money to enroll them in activities like soccer, dancing or gymnastics). Rates of physical activity decline from pre-teen years through adolescence.

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