Learning by traumatized adults: Essay

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There are many adults who may have experienced some form of a traumatic experience in their lives. Due to this, they may display symptoms such as having difficulty in performing new tasks, feeling guilty, blaming themselves for things, being concerned about their own and other’s safety, being depressed and unable to trust others, particularly those who may be in a position of power. Broken sleep, fear of taking risks, panic attacks, unable to concentrate and destroyed self-esteem are also some of the things which might be experienced by these adults (Mojab and McDonald).
Some people, however, may not display any of the symptoms mentioned. Others, however, may become affected by PTSD- post-traumatic stress disorder which is a disorder characterized by frequent flashbacks, always expecting some form of danger, abusing substances, dissociation, constriction and even harm to their memory to an extent (Isserlis).

Experiencing the consequences of a trauma on a learner may not be apparent immediately. Some hints may include a learner missing his/her class, avoiding taking tests and spacing out. This is often interpreted as the learner not being interested in the activities and discussions taking place in the classroom. It could, however, be the learner’s response to the trauma he/she might have experienced. Learning may certainly be slowed down due to some anxiety, fear…

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