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When you think back to the things which you learned in your childhood, can you remember them? If you are able to remember then think about how you were taught those things. Had you ever thought that the incidences which you had back then would continue to exist with you even today? Or did you feel that everything you learned was due to your surroundings?
In order to become better learners, we need to understand how learning actually takes place and from whom it exactly takes place from. It is possible that if in your childhood you were aware of these things, you would have grown up to be a better learner than you already are (Smith, Golub, Garnder). This issue has been addressed by researchers and authors as well.

Smith is an author who is of the opinion that our learning takes place without us being aware of it occurring. According to him, it is the company we have which determines the things we learn. This occurrence of learning puts people in a category similar to that of belonging to a club. It is during our childhood that we start to attain an identity which begins to develop. This takes place through membership of a club. There are many times when many of us have done something due to someone else’s actions. This is something which can influence us and…

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