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It is generally agreed that a low grievance rate does not necessarily prove the existence of good labor-management relations and that a high grievance rate does not necessarily prove the existence of poor relations between the parties.  Why might the grievance statistics be misleading as a guide to the quality of the relationship?

The grievance may be described as any dispute that arises between an employer and employee. Which relates to the oblique or explicit terms of the employment agreement (Britton, 1982:12). The employment agreement may not be in writing, but the parties concerned must have a clear understanding of the terms of the agreement and must have settled on such terms, either by words or by conduct. In his book, Britton says that unless a controlling provision exists on the issue, the company generally retains the power to exercise its own judgment and discretion (Britton, 1982:12). He also says that it is fundamental that representatives from both management and labor be able to distinguish a complaint not covered by the contract and one that is a valid grievance.

For grievance handling to be effective in an organization, the employer has to chase certain guidelines. In ruling on the fairness of discipline for such offenses as insubordination, misconduct, absenteeism, and poor work, arbitrators do not concern themselves simply with whether the workers involved are guilty (BNA Editorial Staff. 1959-1987:5). They examine the procedures ensue by the company in punishing the workers and the nature of the punishment itself.

Many agreements state procedural requirements for discharging of discipline (BNA Editorial Staff, 1959-1987:5). In many cases arbitrators have reject to uphold management’s action in discharging or disciplining an employee where management failed to fulfill some procedural requirement defined by the agreement, such as a required statement of charges against the employee, or a notice or investigation requirement, or a requirement for a hearing or joint discussion previous to the assessment of punishment.

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