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Ancient Greeks had various pieces of furniture that they favored throughout their history. This paper examines the kline, a reclining piece of furniture used in ancient Greece, and includes information about the period of popularity, the personalities involved in making this type of furniture, and the construction materials used.

Chair Style: the Kline

Like other Eastern civilizations, the Greeks liked to eat lying down (Furniture Styles, 2005, p. 1). From that came the idea for the kline, a couch that had a headboard that was used as a backrest and was “elegantly upholstered” (Furniture Styles, 2005, p.1). It sort of served as a combination of a sofa and a bed – perhaps an early version of a futon (Penhale, 2005, p. 1). In fact, the word, kline, comes from klino, which means “cause to lean.” It was from this origin that the words, clinic and clinical, were derived (Furniture and the Greek House, 2005, p.1).

The klines would be put against the walls of a room with small tables placed in front of them so that food and drinks could be readily accessible (Furniture Styles, 2005, p.1). The klines could also be used to rest or sleep (Penhale, 2005, p.2).

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