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Jammu and Kashmir is a multifaceted area. Not only is it composed of several distinct geographical regions Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Ladakh in India, the Azad Kashmir districts plus Gilgit and Baltistan in Pakistan, but its population is separated into a bewildering multiplicity of religious, ethnic, linguistic and caste groups. This means that not only are there Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist elements in the population but that the two major elements Muslim and Hindu are further divided within along fault lines of region, ethnicity, language, caste and political association. Thus, for instance, the typical first-preference of a Kashmiri Muslim from the Valley the historical center of Kashmiri autonomy once personified by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. (Bose 30)

Along with this social diversity, there are several basic political allegiances not partisan political preferences of the narrow sort, but which national identity is favored by people as individuals and as members of different communities in Kashmir, which state they recognize with and wish to belong to. In Indian-controlled Kashmir, there are three distinct political orientations in this original sense. Independence is the preference of a decisive majority in the Valley and of a large minority in the Jammu region. India is preferred by a majority in Jammu as well as in Ladakh, and by a small minority in the Valley. A small minority in the Valley and an even smaller one in Jammu are pro-Pakistan. The corresponding situation in Pakistani-controlled areas, there seem to be two major and basically different political orientations there as well loyalty to Pakistan and support for the ‘third option’ of independence. (Bose 36)

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