The Journal of Home Health: Essay

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Abstract: people have begun to prefer getting treatment within the comfort of their home. This is largely due to the increased benefits which are talked about hereunder.

Health care within the home has become quite popular and acceptable particularly for those people who may be suffering from an acute, terminal or chronic illness. Due to a variety of reasons, people have begun to demand health care within the home. One of the major reasons for this increase in demand is due to it being a very cost effective method with which patients could be provided with the help and care which they need (Phipps, Sands, Marek, Neighbors, Monahan). Patients are able to receive the health care which they need without having to pay the extra cost of staying in the hospital. This is turn helps in bringing the cost down of insurance companies, hospitals, public assistance and for the patient himself. Another reason for the demand increasing for home health care is so that people do not catch those diseases which may be gotten due to the hospital itself. Benefits of staying at home and receiving health care are having personalized care, having an improved nutrition, independence, a certain sense of control and privacy, the support and comfort of the home and a shorter time to recovery (Phipps et al). The benefits mentioned above help patients help within their own surroundings at their own pace and with the help of family and friends…

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