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Join me After Dusk is a very deep and thought to provoke poem as it as the poet even as he describes the beauty of nature and the philosophy of life, is, in reality, asking for a kind of support and companionship from a person very close to him. The first line in each section:

When the Sun Rises Join me after dark

Carries gist of the poem. The contradiction between the sun rising which is dawn, and asking for the company after the sun has set can be seen in the very different light. What one may superficially assume is that the poet is asking a lover to join him as that is the most appropriate time for them to meet. However, the description of dawn:

When your eyes greet the ever-widening lids of dawn

Join me as they languish and close

What the poet means is that he is in need of this friend when dusk hides everything beautiful as dawn is depicted as a beautiful eye that closes and fades away as dusk approaches and takes control. What the poet is saying that he needs this friend not when everything is fine and beautiful as is the case during daytime that is from dawn until dusk, but he actually needs the friend and companionship when the shadows approach and everything is dying or when there is no hope and all the surrounding is enveloped in despair. The presence of this friend would be helpful during this time of stress. And together they can find a kind of meaning of life, which can show them the true meaning of life.

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