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Islam and Christianity are two of the three monotheistic religions. Both Islam and Christianity are interconnected and linked both historically and in terms of the beliefs to a large extent. Conceivably the major difference between the two is that of the classification of their two messiahs Christians following Jesus Christ and Muslims following the prophet Muhammad. But the teachings of both are truly outstanding in their common concepts. They include belief in a single invincible and universal God the practice of love and charity toward all human beings the requirement of almsgiving to thriftily deprived in our society the benefits derived from prayer as a method of building a relationship with God and, above all, the practice of good morality and the shunning of evil deeds in both the Islamic and Christian societies. This paper looks at the life of Jesus and Muhammad and how they have influenced their respective religions in their life and death and how they are regarded in terms of worshipping by their followers in Christianity and Islam.

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