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Many are also more aware and concerned about taking care of our Mother Earth and the environment we depend upon for our existence. Frugality brings into our consciousness a need for recycling, conservation of precious natural resources, and curbing the pollution and toxic wastes being spewed in the name of rampant consumerism. When we realize that our “wants” and “needs” as a nation form a huge chasm, it makes sense to want to do our part in cleaning up this disparity. (WHY BE FRUGAL?)

Kerouac’s view of America was completely different. Kerouac saw America as a beautiful place, with many unexplored regions for himself, and the rest of the people in the country. Kerouac credited his love for America to Thomas Wolfe. In Kerouac’s book Vanity of Puluoz he said that Wolfe made him realize that America was not a dreary place to work and struggle in, it was a poem. If everybody thought of America as a poem rather than a place where we just come to in order to live work and die, this country would be the ideal place that Kerouac wanted it to be.

The “Night of the Wolfeans” was an event in the lives of the Beats that affected them for a long time. It brought together all of the Beat’s feelings toward America. They were put into two categories: “Wolfeans,” and “non-Wolfeans.” Kerouac and Hal Chase were heterosexual, all-American boys who believed in America, the perfect image of the American citizen. The non-Wolfeans (William Burroughs and Ginsberg) were also known as “Baudelaireans” or “Black Priests.” They wanted to destroy the Wolfeans and all that they believed in. The Beats felt that everybody fell into one of these two categories.

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