Issues surrounding the telecommunication industry: Essay

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Abstract: there has been developed over the past years concerning telephone communication. The developments have led to better services locally and internationally.

The Telecommunications Act -1996 was signed by President Clinton in 1996 in the month of February. This Act was supposed to be a modified version of the Communications Act of 1934. The previous legislation allowed the regulation of broadcasting over the air radio and television stations, satellite, cable TV operators, telephone companies for local as well as long distance calls and wireless phone companies. The purpose of modifying the act was for de-regulation and competition purposes. The new Act led to the removal of the various barriers which existed between telecommunication companies and hence this led to competition. The deregulation, however, was a way by which consumers would be offered a choice as to which phone service they would like to make use of. By the year 1999, it was estimated that around 98% of people in homes were not provided with any choice as far as local phone service was concerned (Wikipedia). This led to many companies merging together, for example, AT&T buying over TCI Corporation, Bell Atlantic and NYNEX merging together as well as US West and Qwest becoming one company through a merger. The reason behind writing this essay is to help understand the purpose behind…

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