The brainwashing of ISIS recruits and soldiers is so great that the closest relationships hold less value than being faithful to their self-styled caliph of the Muslim world. This shows the danger that this organization is posing for the world at large and for Muslim youth in particular. A soldier of the ISIS killed in his mother in public in a square in the Syrian city of Raqa because she begged him to leave the organization and flee with her to the safety of Turkey or any other place which was not under the control of ISIS and where they would be safe from the ravages of the ongoing conflict.

The Jihadist named Ali Saqr who is twenty years of age had reported his mother to the ISIS authorities because she had tried to convince him to abandon the ISIS and leave Raqa. This gruesome incident was reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Upon the man reporting what his mother had said, the woman was immediately arrested and accused of renouncing Islam. Renouncing Islam or apostasy carried the death sentence as the set is considered to be a very grave offense against religion. On Wednesday 7th January 2016, she was shot to death by her son in front of hundreds of people.

For all intents and purposes, Raqa is considered the capital of the ISIS so-called ‘caliphate’ for the territories that it controls in Iraq and Syria. The ISIS has imposed the harshest version of Islamic Law in all the territories that it controls. The crimes that carry a death sentence include homosexuality, adultery and having sex with animals. Apostasy is also considered a very serious offense and anyone accused of this crime is sure to be sentenced to death. Other crimes that warrant the death sentence is placing obstructions on roads and working with anti-ISIS groups including the US-led coalition.

Activities that are considered heinous crimes in all the other countries of the world such as using child soldiers and owning slaves for sexual purposes are all legal according to ISIS laws. Capturing and torturing an anti-IS activist or fighter without proper authorization from jihadist authorities could be met with a death sentence. This extremist group has carried out mass killings and has raped and tortured thousands of women in the territories that it has captured in both Iraq and Syria. It has suffered some defeats in 2015 and has lost around 40 percent of the territory that it captured in 2014. Hopefully, they will be eliminated soon thus ridding the world of a terminal disease.