A research paper involving discussion whether cloning is ethical or not.

2,000 Words (Approx. 8 pages), 6 Sources, MLA, 2006.


A research paper discussing the ethical side of human cloning from religious and moral perspectives. The research paper examines how cloning can impact human life in the future if pursued. The author of the research paper believes that the negative side of cloning outweighs the positive ones and whether it should be pursued for future developments or not.

From the Research Paper

Cloning refers to the sexual production of something original. In other words, it is an exact copy of something original. Cloning consists of artificial methods of reproducing an identical offspring in a laboratory or an artificial environment outside the normal reproductive practices by human beings. The invention has created a lot of controversies among the religious masses and other people in general as it bypasses the natural process of human reproduction. Many religious authorities are struggling to prevent further developments regarding human cloning as it can negatively impact the society if practiced unethically…….

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