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As the number of Irish people in America increased they influenced the “American culture” in many ways. They became politically and religiously powerful. They used their resilience, determination, and charm to attain special success in many fields but more specifically in journalism, entertainment and sports. The popular insight of the fierce Irish temper, initiate such terms as “Donnybrook” and “Fighting Irish” to the American language. (Irish contribution to American Culture) this thirst for success became a part of the American values.

In my opinion, the impact was on the immigrants and the Irish influenced the greater American society greatly too. The Irish who entered the United States from the sixteenth to the twentieth century was affected by America, just as they changed this nation.  In the United States, they had an opportunity to start all over again thus they accomplished so many things in their lives that would not have been possible in Ireland: supporting their families and earning a better life than their fellow Irish in the United States and in Ireland.

From the leading community’s perspective, “Americanization” is thought to be a preference in immigration policy for immigrants because such cultures incorporate faster into the American dominant culture.  That is why it has been easier for the Irish to become a part of the larger community as they do have the advantage that they came from Europe. Compared to those coming from Asia or even South America the assimilation is much more difficult.  Some people justify it as the process of integrating such groups is less traumatic on the dominant group and would result in less obvious social divergence. However, I think it was much more difficult for others to become a part of that mosaic than the Irish who did have something common leaving aside religion.

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