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One of the most important beliefs of a democracy is that every child deserves an education, for education allows each person to realize his or her potential. That idea – that we should each be given a chance to go as far as we possibly can on our own merits – is as American as apple pie. And yet all too often it remains an ideal only for students with special needs. However, a number of curricular plans are designed to meet the varied needs of all students in a school. This paper examines one of those curricula, the Schools for California Online Resources for Education (SCORE), a curriculum that addresses some of the ways in which exceptional students can be educated as fully as possible within the general education classroom in a way that allows them to perform at their best while also allowing those students who are not considered exceptional to achieve their greatest potential as well.

Many children with special needs are on the whole more likely to gain high-quality educational experiences from being “mainstreamed” than from being educated in self-contained classes or schools for students with behavioral problems or disabilities. The very fact that these children have the opportunity to be placed in “normal” classrooms and interact regularly with “normal” children is itself of such great benefit that it alone (disregarding any possible academic benefit) could well justify mainstreaming special-education students.

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