Writing essays without the element of critical thinking is like a body without a brain. Critical thinking is the ability of the brain to analyze and reach a rational conclusion of a particular point or matter. The ability to come up with your distinctive personal opinions and ideas when writing essays are critical thinking. It involves evaluating a particular situation from different angles and reaching a conclusion. You can boost your academic grades if you improve your critical thinking skills. All you need to do is to practice using your brain more often by involving yourself in making decisions and analyzing different ideas. In this article, you will learn some useful tips to be able to enhance your critical thinking skills to write high-quality and result-oriented essays. Read some interesting tips below to find out how.

Solving Puzzles

The best way to exercise your brain to develop critical thinking is by solving puzzles. Puzzles consist of unsolved mysteries to be analyzed and solved through various logical patterns. You can begin to solve easier puzzles initially, but as you become more and more accustomed you can move on to solving more complex puzzles.

IQ Tests

You can solve IQ tests such as number series, graphical patterns, and incomplete words. Solving IQ puzzles can enhance critical thinking and can help you write better essays with substance.

Developing a mind of a detective is one of the ways to develop critical thinking faculties of the brain. You can use these tips to develop critical thinking to write quality essays.

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