When we are writing academic papers we often neglect writing using appropriate tenses. The use of tenses appropriately in academic writing is very important to differentiate things. We are so obsessed with the burden of writing that we often overlook certain things such as proper grammar, spelling and writing structure. Tenses are very powerful and can change the entire meaning of the sentence if not used properly. For instance if you are writing in the past tense explaining something than you must stick to the past and use grammar rules accordingly. You must not bring something forward using the present tense. The purpose of this article is to guide you further on the importance of using proper tenses in academic writing. Consider some useful tips below.

Explaining Previous Work

When you are writing a research paper and trying to explain to the readers about the past discoveries that have been made in a particular area of study than it is very important to stick to the past tense as you are trying to explain something pertaining to the past discovered by someone else. You are trying to explain to your readers what has already been explained by the person who conducted research in the past. You are simply trying to put forth his/her ideas. Using present tense in this situation is of no use and can change the entire theme of your paper.

When You write using…….

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