The Importance of Reading and Writing

There are many people who take crucial things like reading and writing for granted. Imagine yourself living in a world where you cannot read and write simple things. You will lose independence and will have to rely on others to help you do most of your tasks related to reading and writing. In the current world, there are so many things that we cannot live without if we are not able to read and write. It is so important to communicate with others, complete our routine work and even helping others. This article provides some benefits of being able to read and write. Keep reading below to learn more about reading and writing.

Applying for Jobs

If you cannot read and write you will have trouble filling up job application forms and get an appropriate job. Your ability to read lets you be aware of job vacancies in various organizations. You can apply in these organizations with the ability to write and get a job well suited to your needs.

Medical Forms

If you cannot read and write you will not be able to fill medical forms required when visiting doctors. You need to provide a history of health and medications you may already be taking. How humiliating it can be if you will need someone else’s assistance to fill your medical form.


How would you keep in touch with your loved ones living elsewhere through email? If you cannot read and write you will not be able to send and receive emails. You will not be able to keep in touch with your business associates and may lose share in the profits.

It is a blessing if you can read and write as you will not have to depend on anyone for doing most of your tasks related to reading and writing. There are places in the world especially developing countries where most of the people cannot afford quality education and lack reading and writing skills resulting in low income and dependence on others.

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