This research paper analyzes the need and importance of marketing in organizations.

1,500 Words (Approx. 6 Pages), 5 Sources, APA, 2006.


This research paper defines marketing and analyzes the need and importance of marketing in organizations and various businesses. Marketing is a vital business tool used to create needs among the consumers to sell desired products. Every organization and business in the world use marketing to promote its products and services. The author of the research paper defines marketing from various perspectives and discusses various marketing strategies such as market segmentation to promote products and services among the consumers.

From the Research Paper

The term ‘marketing’ refers to making products and making them available for the customers to satisfy their needs making profits for the organization at the same time (Bellis, 2005). There are numerous marketing activities that take place before a final product or service is made available to the targeted consumers. Marketing differs from business as it refers to just one aspect of a large business while business constitutes of other operations such as accounting, finance, management, and marketing….

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