What do you do after being graded in a term paper, research paper or an essay? Do you just throw it away thinking it has no importance anymore? That is the main problem with most of the students that they do not consider keeping their previous term paper, research paper or an essay assignment that brings more trouble in future writing assignments. Managing a portfolio is indeed the best way to keep track of all your previous assignments to be able to assess and evaluate your future performances. A portfolio provides you with an opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses in your completed writing assignments and enhance your performance the next time by overcoming the shortcomings. This article provides some useful benefits and functions of maintaining an academic portfolio. Read below to learn some amazing facts about an academic portfolio.

Function of a Portfolio

The main function of an academic portfolio is to help students assess their academic performances on a regular basis. It consists of a record of previous academic performances to assess strengths and weaknesses. In order to be successful in academics, one must consider maintaining a separate portfolio for each writing assignments and other academic projects.

Significance of a Portfolio

It always depends on individual students as for where they want to see themselves after a certain period of time during their academic career. A student must have a clearly defined academic goal to achieve to maintain a portfolio as a guide to make significant progress in the areas that are not strong. Without a clear purpose, understanding and a definite goal maintaining a portfolio are useless.

Benefits of a Portfolio

A separate file or folder must be maintained for each academic level or assignment completed with a proper feedback from the professors. A list of areas needed to be improved in the next academic assignment should also be placed on each project or an assignment. This practice can benefit students to make the required academic progress.

Consider these important factors when writing academic assignments to be successful.

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