Science has made numerous inventions over the past century that if people belonging to the Stone Age have a chance to reincarnate they would get mad. The most amazing and unbelievable of the scientific advancements is the ability of scientists to clone animals, plants and lately even human beings which is still in the process making it a reality. Though a human being has never been cloned the possibility is there biologically. Possibly in the future couples will be able to have a desired baby with all the positive qualities such as high intelligence, good looks, colored eyes, height and even a powerful immune system to resist fatal diseases increasing the average lifespan to even more than a hundred years. No doubt this is a very surprising and unbelievable technology but it can have various negative impacts on an average human being’s life.

Positive Impacts of Cloning

On governmental level, states will be able to produce perfect human beings with minor defects. They can use them in the army, navy and air force. Human beings with high resistance will be no match for natural born human beings. They will be far more competitive and high in intelligence than an average human being. They can be flawless and more efficient at any specialized task.

Cloning can cure fatal diseases such as Cancer, Parkinson’s disease; Alzheimer’s and increase the chances of survival for a long time. If any organ is affected due to a disease such as heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys they can be replaced by developing a new organ through stem cells taken from the sample of skin or nails. If a loved one or a child has died in an accident he can be replicated. One more positive can be that we can replicate people with high intellectual capability and knowledge in order to pass it on to the next generation.

Negative Impacts of Cloning

The negative impacts of human cloning outweigh the positive ones in terms of destruction and vulnerability these cloned humans can cause. Cloning can be exploited and abused by many unscrupulous people just as the nuclear technologies have gradually over the period of time. From a religious point of view, a cloned human being may have all the qualities but he or she will lack spirituality, emotions, and feelings. A cloned human can be sterile and unable to reproduce. A cloned baby may not get much attention, warmth, love, and care as a natural born baby.

Ethical Issues

Ethically it may not be appropriate to deviate from the norms of nature. Some people consider cloning as getting in the way of GOD. If cloning is used in a positive way such as transplanting malfunctioning organs, curing fatal diseases and increasing average human lifespan it is beneficial and therefore should not be banned by the international communities but if cloning is exploited for wrong means such as creating superhumans and using unethically then it should be completely banned.

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