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When an individual thinks about a topic which is controversial and which gives rise to various views and opinions, the topic of abortion comes to mind. The main question revolving around this topic is whether or not the killing of the child is considered murder if it isn’t born as yet. In America, abortion constitutes being amongst the most controversial topics.

People are told not to kill one another. But if we allow a mother to kill her own child, how can the rest of the people be stopped from committing murder? (Mother Teresa). If a country allows abortion to take place, it is teaching its people to commit violent acts to get what they want rather than using love and care. There are many people who still believe that taking the life of a child, be it unborn is wrong morally as well as unethically.

A baby is a human being; he/she can grow up to be part of a profession and have an amazing career. He may become a doctor, a peace activist or maybe even someone who could end violence in the world. If a baby is provided with the right type of guidance, anything is possible. But when a baby is killed and his life is taken away, what happens then?

Abortion is a process which is far from being ethical. If abortion was considered to be ethical, it would consist of the law allowing a woman to have rights over her body and have her own privacy. Every individual protects the lives of others…

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