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Keats studied at a school in Enfield, where he began a rendition of Virgil’s Aeneid. In 1810, he became a trainee to an apothecary-surgeon. His initial efforts at writing poetry date from about 1814In 1815 he left his training and became a student at Guy’s Hospital, London; one year later, he discarded the career of medicine for poetry.

Keats declared,  “I never wrote one single line of Poetry with the least Shadow of public thought.” As for the rationale of what was on paper: poetry was considered as assigning its own reality; honesty was the principle by which it was to be assessed. Afforded the emotion behind it was real; the ensuing conception had to be valuable.

With the new idea of poetry and the claim for a new subject matter went a demand for a new accent. Keats thought the existing poetic style of the later 18th century decayed and affected, or garish and immature, and completely inappropriate to the term of their insight. It was the language of feeling that was important; consequently Keats wanted to bring the expression of poetry back to that of general speech.

The value of the individual led to an annexation, in some guidelines, of literary understanding. Most outstanding and distinguishing was the interest with outer nature, which may be associated with the social alterations brought about by the Industrial Revolution. particularly with the shift of the population from country areas into swiftly growing, ugly cities. In the presence of Nature, man thought himself closer to God; in a uncomplicated surroundings, natural feeling was still feasible.

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