LO1 Understand the different approaches to quality management appropriate to commercial operations

  • Discuss definitions of quality in terms of business and services provision in general in the hospitality industry
  • Illustrate the processes of inspection and assurance especially in the Sheraton Hotels and Resorts
  • Discuss a range of approaches to quality management focusing on the case study
  • Explain the similarities and differences between the different methods explored in 1.3

LO2 Understand the benefits of quality management in a business and services context

The following 4 criteria should be covered through Power-Point Slides.

As the deputy general manager, you have been asked to make a presentation to your management team on “Quality Management” in the light of several complaints about the service provided in a specific Hyatt Hotel anywhere in the world. Your presentation should include EVERY member of your group and ideally, will be presented using Microsoft Powerpoint Slides. There should be a maximum of 20 slides for the complete presentation in groups of 4-5 learners to demonstrate the following criteria 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4. Note you will be assessed based on your own performance, and contribution in the power-point slides and presentation, though the activity can be developed in groups. Consequently, learners would be assessed and graded individually. 

2.1 Discuss what is meant by customer satisfaction in a specific Sheraton hotel anywhere in the world

2.2 Explain the meaning of continuous improvement centering around Sheraton Hotels worldwide

2.3 Illustrate the type of added values to be gained in hotels in general

2.4 Describe the types of information made available to customers and the importance is given to effective marketing especially in the Sheraton Hotels and Resorts

LO3 Understand a range of quality controls and how service to the customer can be improved

3.1 Explain how quality management can be measured in the Sheraton Hotels Group

M3: Use a range of sources of information from different other Hospitality related businesses around the globe (ref: 3.1) (Merit M3)

3.2 Evaluate the benefit of user and non-user surveys in determining customer needs in Hotels in general

3.3 List the methods of consultation employed in one quality scheme to encourage participation by underrepresented groups

M1: Give Specific examples with reference to the real life situation in (ref: 3.3) within the industry

(Merit M1)

3.4 Identify the value of complaints procedures and analyze how they may be used to improve quality in Hospitality Organisations

LO4 Be able to apply the principles of quality management to improve the performance of an organization

4.1 Report on the role of self-assessment in order to determine an organization’s current ‘state of health

4.2 Evaluate the importance of communication and record keeping focusing on Sheraton Hotel Groups

D3: Give evidence of research to support requirement in (ref: 4.2) (Distinction D3). You can also bring examples from other Hotels to compare and contrast your findings

4.3 Follow guidelines on the stages of staff consultation necessary for effective implementation of a quality scheme

4.4 Propose new systems or modifications to existing systems that could improve service quality in general for the Hospitality Organisations

M2: Demonstrate a graphic presentation/illustration of the current image and future direction of the industry (ref: 4.4) (Merit M2)