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Overall corporate culture is important when a company makes fundamental making changes – whether laying off individuals, instituting a hiring and wage freeze, or shifting product lines. Workers are likely to feel uneasy during such changes, requiring managers to work to keep motivation high (Drucker, 2001). Firms can reassure workers and also make an effort to create a workplace that is both conducive to professional growth and personal involvement – even during periods in which companies are making substantial changes.

Companies that are facing economic problems can still motivate their employees because, as Drucker (2001) notes, workers can be motivated by a number of different factors, not simple salary. Workers want more than just a paycheck. They want recognition and fairness. They want interesting work. And that is where a good corporate setting can help. Attention to the corporate culture is vital. For Artemis, this may mean having company picnics and letting the people know the executives’ strategies and vision. If the firm does plan to grow and raises will once be a part of normal life, the workers deserve this information. Optimism is conducive to improving morale and subsequent productivity. This does not mean that a firm needs to paint a rosy picture if, in fact, the future looks bleak, but certainly implementing a positive approach is preferred over the other choices.

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