The Human resource management department of your business is probably the most important of all the departments. This is because it is responsible for recruiting employees who will run your business for you and make sure that the work gets done in an effective and efficient manner. But how did this HRM come to where it is? What changes did other employers like you do to make it reach the stage at which it currently is? It obviously did not reach this stage by itself, something must have been done.

The evolution of HRM started back in the 19th century. This was the period when industrialization had begun and gone through a boom. This also led to an increase in franchises and trade unions coming up which were there to protect the rights of the workers which employers had hired. It was due to the harsh conditions which prevailed at the time which required a change to be brought. The welfare officers at that present were only present to take care of women’s rights and welfare. However, since employers did not only recruit women, there was a need for a strong relationship between employers and the male employees. Along with this protection for women and girls was also required. This is what led to the HRM department which you see in many organizations. This department ensures that the right types of people are recruited for your firm and are given the rights and protection which they require.

HRM has evolved and despite being something which emerged in the 20th century, you are likely to see it consisting of earlier thinking and philosophy. Just like you see other things like fashion, technology, and science evolve so do businesses and the departments within them. Even today, HRM continues to evolve consisting of new theories of management and new ways of dealing with people. It is the HRM department which requires a lot of focus by you as it is the sole department which has much of the responsibility of ensuring success for your firm. This is the department in which you need to put most of your time and effort.

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